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5 Tips To Lose Weight Easily and Quickly

Do you want to lose 10 pounds and then preferably as quickly and easily as possible? Very recognizable, because I had that goal 2 months ago. And I did it! So if I manage, why wouldn’t you succeed? Very honestly, it was really not too bad! In the beginning I thought I would never succeed, but with a different mindset, a large dose of positivity and just persevering, and I lost 10 pounds. I would like to share my tips and tricks with you below.

#1 – Think healthy

First of all, I started to ‘think differently’. I have started to think differently about food, about my body and about healthy living. How do I maintain this I do as follows: with every bite I take I think I really need this bite of food or not? That has made me eat less and eat healthier.

Especially with bad things like chocolate, junk food, cakes and biscuits, I almost get blush on my lips when I think I need this bite or not? NO, of course I don’t need that bite with wrong foods, I think! It just makes me fatter and makes my body healthier! And by thinking that way, I have created this mind over the past few weeks during my goal to burn fat and lose 5 pounds quickly and easily without working out in the gym.

In the beginning it takes some getting used to, but afterwards it almost goes without saying and it even makes you feel proud if you don’t put all those wrong bites in your mouth. Give it a try, I did it too!

#2 – Read labels

A very important trick: read labels of all the foods you eat. Study the number of carbohydrates, fats, sugars and proteins on the labels. Then also read what is ‘junk’ in the product. You often come across complicated names of ingredients and when you look up what it is in Google, you are often scared to death!

By delving more into ingredients, additives and E-numbers, you learn to see that fresh products are much healthier. I really started looking at products in the supermarket with completely different eyes.

#3 – Keep your goal in mind

In my opinion, losing 5 kilos quickly and easily is really possible. During the weeks that I worked on it, I really kept that goal in mind. I made it a kind of challenge for myself. In the beginning that is quite difficult and you never think I can . But especially if you are busy for one or two weeks and you start to notice that your clothes are looser, then that tastes like more and you want to CONTINUE! So keep your 5-pound goal in mind, especially if things are going well, but also if you have a weak moment and you tend to eat a bar of chocolate.

#4 – Reward yourself

Reward yourself when you reach a milestone. For example if you are at half your 5 kilos and you have lost 2½ kilos. Then reward yourself with something nice. Not with food, but with something else, for example a day at the sauna or buying nice pants or a skirt that you have wanted to buy for a long time. Best chance that you can now even buy a size smaller! Reward yourself with sweet words, such as I have done well or I am beautiful as I am and I am doing good to lose 5 kilos . A positive mind is so important.

#5 – Not on the scales every day

A mistake I made in the beginning is that I was on the scales almost every day in my challenge to lose 5 kilos. DO NOT! Your weight can fluctuate quite a bit. That may have to do with your hormones, with the fact that you are in transition, with building muscles and with a different metabolism.

For example, if you have your period, most women are slightly heavier. But even if you have decided to exercise more, the weight of your trained muscles can make you slightly heavier. It is often temporary that you are just as heavy, but if you are just on the scale at that moment, you will get frustrated and disappointed.

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